Soho W8 Black Primed 4 Glazed Clear Demi Panel 1981mm x 579mm

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This black glazed interior door is to be used in conjunction with a single Soho door and our Manhattan Universal Sidelight Frame. By adding this to the single Soho door, it can create a modern walkway between rooms. This sidelight can either be fixed in place or used as a functioning door creating a French pair, just by removing the mullion in the frame! Please note: this door must be paired with our Manhattan door hardware.

Door Information:

Door Family Sofia
Face Type Pre-Finished Walnut
Door Style Sofia Internal Walnut With Raised Mouldings Both Sides
Glazing 1 Light With Clear Glass
Finish Pre-Finished
Colour Walnut
Style Modern
Door Type Internal Door
Secure By Design
Thickness (mm) 40
Weight (kg) 40
Fire Resistant NO
Fire Rating N/A
Core Type Solid Engineered
Lipping Framing 14mm
Long Edge 8mm
Short Edge 8mm
Ral Colour Ref N/A