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Soundproof plasterboard, also referred to as acoustic plasterboard, is a specialized variation of standard plasterboard that offers exceptional sound insulation capabilities. This superior performance can be primarily attributed to its high density composition.

Soundproof plasterboard is known for its ability to effectively reduce noise. The level of noise reduction depends on the mass of the plasterboard, with greater mass leading to better results. This type of plasterboard is available in thicknesses of either 12.5mm or 15mm. While standard plasterboard can also provide some level of acoustic insulation, using soundproof alternatives has been proven to be more successful in reducing noise levels.

To further enhance its sound absorption capabilities, soundproof plasterboard can be reinforced with other materials such as fibreglass. This combination of materials significantly improves the board's ability to absorb and dampen sound, making it an ideal choice for environments where noise reduction is a top priority.

Our soundproof plasterboard, like most of our 12.5mm thick soundproofing plasterboard sheets, is perfect for insulating walls and ceilings. It is the ideal solution if you want to minimize noise transmission between rooms or floors, block out disruptive neighbors, and reduce vibrations. This acoustic plasterboard is the top choice for soundproofing stud walls or ceiling beams and can be effectively used in any DIY soundproofing project. Additionally, all our Soundbloc boards are impact resistant and come in various sizes. They also feature a tapered edge, making it crucial to ensure proper joining with srim tape and during installation before the final finish is applied.