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What are Engineering Bricks / Class B Bricks?

Engineering bricks are specifically designed for applications requiring superior brick qualities, such as low water absorption and high compressive strength. While they may not be the most visually appealing bricks, their purpose lies in structural integrity rather than aesthetic appeal. Engineering bricks are typically available in smooth textures and limited color options, predominantly red and blue. These bricks find their niche in structural projects where appearance takes a back seat or when they will be concealed or covered.

Primarily utilised in basements, sewage systems, retaining walls, and various groundworks, engineering bricks excel in providing durability and reliability. They are classified into Class A and Class B based on their performance characteristics. Class A engineering bricks exhibit a compressive strength of over 125N/mm² and possess a water absorption rate below 4.5%. On the other hand, Class B engineering bricks, which are more commonly used, typically have a compressive strength of around 75N/mm² and a water absorption rate of approximately 7%.

Most engineering bricks are extruded, ensuring consistent quality and performance. However, solid options are also available if specific project requirements demand them. The primary focus of engineering bricks lies in their ability to withstand structural loads and resist water penetration, making them indispensable in construction projects that prioritize strength and functionality.

Although engineering bricks may not boast intricate designs or a vast color palette, their reliability and robustness make them an essential component in the construction industry. From basements to sewage systems, retaining walls to groundworks, engineering bricks serve as the backbone of structural projects, ensuring long-lasting performance and structural stability.