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What are facing bricks?

Facing bricks are the preferred choice for both internal and external walls, offering versatility for various applications such as house bricks, garden wall bricks, and even retaining walls. These bricks are renowned for their appealing appearance, diverse shapes, colors, and textures. In comparison to engineering bricks, facing bricks exhibit higher water absorption and lower density. However, many facing bricks are available with excellent strength, durability, and relatively low water absorption.

One crucial aspect of a durable facing brick is its frost resistance, denoted by the F2 rating. While some bricks are rated as F1, indicating moderate weather resistance, they are still suitable for urban use. However, it is advisable not to use these bricks in exposed areas such as seaside locations, open fields, or hilly/mountainous regions.

Facing bricks offer an extensive range of color options, including buff, red, dark grey, and black. They also provide diverse color patterns, ranging from solid shades to smoky hues and captivating multi-colored designs. Texture options are equally varied, with choices ranging from smooth and straight-edged to lightly textured, rustic, tumbled, or reclaimed brick looks.

The most commonly used facing bricks are extruded or wirecut bricks, characterized by vertical perforations. These bricks typically have straight edges and only one visible face (stretcher), making them a cost-effective option. Another popular choice is stock bricks, which exude a handmade feel despite being machine-made. Stock facing bricks often feature slightly rounded edges and a distinctive "brick frog" instead of perforations. They also typically have one guaranteed face (stretcher) but maintain an appealing appearance from all sides.