Monaco Light Grey Fully Finished Laminate Interior Fire Door FD30 - All Sizes

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In Pre-finished light grey, this laminate internal door is ready to hang. Featuring solid black inlays down the edges which enhances the contemporary look. The Tubular core on standard doors give the door a stronger and more durable feel. Please note: FD30's are supplied solid core.

Door Information:

Door Family Monaco Laminate
Face Type Light Grey Laminate
Door Style Monaco Internal Light Grey Laminate
Glazing N/A
Finish Pre-Finished
Colour Light Grey
Style Modern
Door Type Internal Door
Secure By Design
Thickness (mm) 44
Weight (kg) 25
Fire Resistant YES
Fire Rating N/A
Core Type Solid
Lipping Framing 15mm
Long Edge 13mm
Short Edge 10mm
Ral Colour Ref N/A