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Silicone TC is an organic resin render incorporating a Silicone resin emulsion and an Acrylic resin dispersion in a ready to use render. If applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions it can be used on a variety of prepared exterior surfaces to provide an attractive, low maintenance textured finish.

Silicone TC is a low odour, ready to use organic resin render which is quick and easy to apply and is available in a wide range of colours. It provides excellent adhesion and application properties and, following appropriate preparation, can be applied to a wide variety of substrates. Silicone TC is a cement-free render with greater flexibility. Although primarily for external application, Silicone TC can be used internally.

SILICONE TC incorporates the benefits of silicone technology to provide a water repellent final surface which gives excellent protection. The silicone allows water vapour to pass freely through the render whilst allowing the finish to remain weather resistant. Silicone TC contains a biocide to help prevent infection from moulds, yeasts and algae and it has a low susceptibility to soiling and contamination.


  • A test panel to check colour and final appearance is recommended
  • Backgrounds should be clean, level, dry and free from efflorescence
  • Mask all adjacent surfaces including windows, sills, doors, timber, glass, brick & flooring
  • Protect weather exposed surfaces


  • The temperature of the substrate and surrounding air should be a minimum of 5oC
  • Do not apply in conditions of strong sunshine or wind; do not apply onto damp or frozen substrates
  • Allow freshly applied render basecoats a minimum of 14 days before work commences
  • Prime walls using Primer TC colour co-ordinated to topcoat and allow 24 hours drying time for primer before applying topcoat
  • Stir bucket contents thoroughly using a slow speed A small amount of water can be mixed with the product to achieve the best working consistency
  • Apply the product to the thickness of the largest grain size using a stainless steel float; allow to take up slightly. The surface is then rubbed up in a circular motion using a plastic float to create the texture
  • Complete continuous surfaces without interruption, working to a wet edge at all times
  • Drying times may be prolonged by lower temperatures and/or high humidity
  • The fresh render must be protected from rain and from drying too fast


  • Product classification according to BS EN 15824:2009
  •  A water-dilutable product for exterior and interior use. Water vapour permeability: Category V 2;
  • Water absorption: Category W 3; Adhesion: 0.65 MPa;
  • Thermal Conductivity:
  • 10, dry (P=50%) = 0.83,
  • 10, dry (P=90%) = 0.93;
  • Synthetic resin plaster in accordance with DIN 18558.
  • Designation: Coating Material DIN 18558 – P Org 1
  • Density: Approximately 1.8 t / m3


  • Silicone TC 10 – largest grain 1.0mm; coverage = approximately 1.8 kg / m2
  • Silicone TC 15 – largest grain 1.5mm; coverage = approximately 2.5 kg / m2
  • Silicone TC 30 – largest grain 3.0mm; coverage = approximately 5.0 kg / m2
  • These figures depend on substrate and application technique.

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