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Silicone K1 is a water repellent, cement based, polymer modified, self-coloured render, requiring only the addition of water and 10 minutes mixing time. If applied as per manufacturer’s instructions, Silicone K1 will provide an attractive, low maintenance finish. K Rend Silicone K1 is Kitemarked and CE marked to BS EN 998-1:2010 and also ISO 9001 approved.


Silicone K1 is specifically designed to incorporate the benefits of silicone water repellents into a cement-based render system.

Silicone adds a high water repellent quality, while allowing water vapour to pass freely through the render; thus the amount of dirt adhering to the surface is greatly reduced, ensuring a freshly rendered appearance for a prolonged period of time. This dry surface also improves the resistance of the finished render to algae growth and the natural phenomenon of lime-bloom.

One Coat Coverage: 1.6 kg / mm thick / sq m

One Coat Require: 26 - 32kg / sq m approx. Nominal 16 - 20mm thickness

 Silicone K1 is normally applied in two passes depending on background conditions and final finish required. It is important that a consistent minimum finished thickness is achieved over the whole surface and that the maximum recommended thicknesses are not exceeded.


Samples from an extensive range are provided on request, for colour indication only

A site sample panel is recommended, to ensure the specifier is satisfied with render coloure and texture

K Rend materials are manufactured from natural products, slight shade variations may occur


Silicone K1 is designed for use with most spray machines

Add material to the feeding hopper and adjust water supply to achieve the desired consistency. Open time - approx one hour Add 4 - 5 litres of clean water per 25kg sack Do not polish

Small areas such as quoins and window reveals may be finished smooth

Use polythene sheeting to protect doors, windows and other features from any over spraying during application



Using a 12mm or 14mm diameter mortar nozzle, spray Silcone K1 directly on to the prepared wall surface to the required thickness of 4 - 8mm

Level out immediately, using a straight edge, smoothing trowel or float

Allow the first pass to stiffen before applying the second pass, the time between passes being shorter in warm dry conditions, and much longer in extreme wet conditions



Use 8mm or 14mm diameter spray nozzle according to the finish required. The normal recommended finished thickness of most finishes is between 12 - 14mm


Textured Finish

To achieve a textured finish, scraping should take place when the render has set but not hardened. The exact timing of this operation will vary according to the weather conditions

The surface is ready when a thumb impression cannot be made and when the aggregate scrapes easily from the matrix without sticking to the scraper

Scraping should be done in a tight circular motion, and the surface brushed down with a soft brush upon completion

All areas must be scraped at the same stage of readiness, as early scraping will result in darker shades and late scraping in lighter shades

A uniform approach is essential to achieve an even finish

Ashlar Cutting

Having scraped the surface level, an ashlar effect may be achieved by cutting into the surface with an ashlar cutter to form grooves.

Leave a minimum 10mm of coloured K Rend between the recessed ashlar cut and the substrate.

When forming cuts, take care to avoid damaging the arrises by working away from the external corner

All cuts must be the same width and depth and set out uniformly as required

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