K Rend HP12 Base Coat Render - 25kg

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HP12 Base uses ‘High Polymer’ technology for a cost effective enhanced performance on difficult substrates. It is ideal as a stipple coat or for dense backgrounds and has increased water resistance and adhesion. Incorporation of Alkali Resistant Reinforcing Mesh may be required.

K Rend HP12 Base can also be used as an insulation bedding adhesive as part of a fixing system (with appropriate fixings) for polystyrene insulation boards onto masonry substrates.

 K Rend base coats are polymer modified and cement based to ensure flexibility and strength. Scratch coats require only the addition of water and 5 minutes mixing time. Normally applied in 1 coat as a backing for K Rend finishes. Rule off to a flat finish and scratch lightly to provide a key for the next coat.

HP12 Base can be used in some instances as part of a waterproofing system. It has been used as a backing coat for swimming pools, and in house tests show excellent resistance to chlorinated water. Specialist technical advice must always be sought prior to use in this type of application. Due to its outstanding adhesion K Rend HP12 Base Coat also makes an excellent scud coat.

Support Backings

  • HP12 Base can be used over block work masonry or stone backgrounds
  • For insulation concrete refurbishment work or any other unusual substrate seek technical advice


  • Mix for at least 5 minutes to break down additives
  • Add 5-6 litres of clean water per 25kg sack
  • Apply by hawk and trowel
  • If the next coat is to be a K Rend finish form a light key by scratching as per good render practice
  • Alternatively float to a flat finish

As Bedding Insulation Adhesive

  • Apply by hawk and trowel to insulation board in a continuous line around the perimeter and additional dabs in the centre; at least 50% of the board should be
  • Alternatively apply with a notched trowel over the entire face of the board. Press the boards firmly onto the masonry substrate


1.8kg / mm thick / sq m


8-11kg/sq m approx. nominal 4-6mm thickness

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