K Rend HP14 Base Coat Render - 25kg

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K Rend HP14 Base is a cement based, polymer modified basecoat. Normally applied in 1 coat as a backing coat for K Rend finishes or as a trowelled finish for other coatings.

K Rend HP14 Base can also be used as an insulation bedding adhesive as part of a fixing system (with appropriate fixings) for polystyrene insulation boards onto masonry substrates.

K Rend HP14 Base requires only the addition of water and 5 minutes mixing time.

Incorporation of Alkali Resistant Reinforcing mesh may be required. K Rend HP14 Base is normally applied manually but can also be spray applied.

 HP14 Base uses “High Polymer” technology for a cost effective enhanced performance onto a wide variety of substrates. For use on unusual substrates always seek technical advice. It is designed as the ideal background for thin coat synthetic resin plasters such as Silicone TC.


  • HP14 Base can be used over block-work, masonry or stone backgrounds
  • For insulation, concrete, refurbishment work or any other unusual substrate, seek technical advice


  • Mix for at least 5 minutes to break down additives
  • Add 5-6 litres of clean water per 25kg sack
  • Apply by hawk and trowel or by machine
  • Bed in mesh if required
  • If the next coat is to be a K Rend traditional finish, form a light key by scratching as per good render practice
  • Alternatively, float to a flat finish

As Insulation bedding Adhesive

  • Apply by hawk and trowel to insulation board in a continuous line around the perimeter and additional dabs in the centre; at least 50% of the board should be covered
  • Alternatively apply with a notched trowel over the entire face of the board
  • Press the boards firmly onto the masonry substrate


1.8 kg / mm thick / sq m


8-11 kg / sq m approx. nominal 4-6mm thickness


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