Atherstone Brick 65mm x 215mm x 102.5mm (Pack of 495) - All Colours

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Looking for a brick that combines style and durability? Look no further than our Atherstone Brick! With its sleek dimensions of 65mm x 215mm x 102.5mm, this brick is the perfect choice for any building or landscaping project. And with a pack of 495 available in a range of colours, you'll have plenty to work with.

Crafted from premium quality materials, our Atherstone Brick is built to last. Its exceptional resistance to weather conditions makes it ideal for outdoor use, whether you're building a retaining wall, garden bed, or enhancing the exterior of your home or commercial property. And with its superior finish, this brick adds a touch of class to any project.

But don't just take our word for it. Our Atherstone Brick is trusted by both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Easy to install, it cuts down on construction time and effort, without sacrificing quality.

So why settle for anything less? Choose our Atherstone Brick for a building project that combines beauty, longevity, and quality. Order yours today and take your construction project to the next level!