12mm Low Iron Clear Toughened Glass Balustrade Panels

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Introducing the 12mm Toughened Glass Balustrade Panels, the perfect solution for giving your home or commercial space a sleek, modern look while still prioritizing safety. Made to order with top-quality materials that are rigorously tested and approved, these glass panels are perfect for creating an open, spacious environment that still provides a reliable barrier where it's needed.

At Ultra Building Supplies, we take pride in processing all our glass panels on-site in Hatfield, ensuring that every product we deliver is up to our exacting standards. And with nationwide delivery and free options available for local regions, we make it easy to get the glass you need, right when you need it.

Whether for a renovation project or new construction, these bespoke-sized toughened glass panels are the perfect choice. So why wait? Call 01707 282192 to learn more and start your order today!