10mm Grey Tinted Glass Toughened Balustrade Panels

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Transform your outdoor space with our 10mm Grey Tinted Toughened Glass Balustrade Panels. Combining a uniquely cool aesthetic with the safety and functionality of strong glass barriers, these panels offer the perfect solution for those who desire a modern and stylish outdoor haven.

Constructed of grey tinted toughened glass, our panels not only add a fashionable contemporary touch but the 'smoked glass' style gives you the benefits of anti-sun glass. Imagine enjoying your balcony or outside area to its full extent without the annoying glare or heat transfer.

Our grey tinted toughened glass panels are incredibly low maintenance and easy to wipe clean. The translucent nature of the grey tinted glass provides you with more privacy than fully transparent clear glass, making it the perfect choice for multi-home developments or homes that overlook public areas.

Available in 10 standard sizes ranging from 450mm x 1000mm to 1100mm x 2000mm, we can also cater for bespoke sizes. Discuss your requirements with our team on 01707 282192, and we will provide you with a quote for customised glass panels.

All our glass is manufactured and processed on our site in Hatfield, with free local delivery available. We also offer nationwide delivery for mainland England, Scotland, and Wales within 5-10 days. Our website features a range of glass fittings for installing your new grey tinted glass balustrades.

Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that their glass balustrade installation complies with Building Regulations.

Upgrade your outdoor living space with our grey tinted toughened glass balustrade panels today!