Choosing the Coolest Living Room Doors for Your Place!

Choosing the Coolest Living Room Doors for Your Place!

Alright, so you want the living room of your dreams, and the door is the first step to awesomeness. Whether you're all about modern vibes, traditional feels, or just want more natural light, we've got the lowdown on the types, designs, and colors that will jazz up your space.

Living Room Door Basics:

Let's kick things off with the ABCs of living room doors. Whether you're decking out a modern pad or a more classic setup, you've got two main types to choose from:

  1. Hollow Core Doors:

    • Think of these as the lightweights of the door world. They've got an engineered wood frame covered in a veneer of either real or engineered wood. Inside? Well, it's like a sweet surprise – honeycombed cardboard to keep things in shape. Cheap and easy to install, but don't expect superhero strength.
  2. Solid Core Doors:

    • These are the beefier cousins. Same design, but the center is a solid engineered wooden board. Translation: more muscle, better insulation, but a bit heavier on the wallet and trickier to install. Bonus – all those internal fire doors (FD30 or FD60)? Yep, solid core.

Let the Light Shine In: Glazed Internal Doors:

  • Feeling like your space needs a sunbath? Both hollow and solid doors can rock glass panels to let that natural light do its thing. Bright vibes incoming!

Choosing Your Living Room Door Look:

Once you've picked your door type, it's time to style it up. Are you a traditional soul or more of a modern maven? Maybe you're eyeing a bigger door to really open up the room? Let's break it down:

Traditional Vibes with Panelled Designs:

  • Get that classic charm with panelled doors. Think recessed or outlined sections, like the classy four-panel London design. Glazed panels? Oh yeah, we've got those too, like the four-panel LPD beauty. For a modern twist, check out the Oak Shaker with its sleek wider panels.

Modern Slickness with Flush Designs:

  • If your crib is all about the modern game, go for the flush look. Flat panel, optional glazing – it's sleek, it's contemporary. XL Joinery has some killer flush doors in Sapele and Mid-grey. Add a large glazed panel like the LPD Eindhoven, and you've got style for days.

Super Spacious with Multi-Panel Front Room Doors:

  • Feeling fancy? Go big with french doors, bi-folds, or sliding doors. These bad boys bridge rooms like a champ. Close them for privacy, swing them open to connect spaces. Yeah, they cost a bit more, but they're game-changers.

Splash Some Color: Living Room Door Hues:

  • Alright, let's talk colors. Are you feeling the natural wood vibes, or is it time to paint the town (or door) a new shade?

  • Black:

    • Bold and badass, but maybe not the best if your living room is all about the light.
  • Grey:

    • The cool middle ground between white and black. Classy without going overboard.
  • White:

    • Bright and stylish, but beware – they're dirt magnets. Get ready to clean more often.

So there you have it – your guide to living room doors that will kick your space up a notch. Whether you're vibing with classic panels, going sleek and modern, or opening up your world with multi-panel wonders, pick the one that screams "home sweet home" to you. Happy door hunting,